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Nurses won’t lose jobs in case of elder abuse

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 15, 2007 in Crime
Two Nova Scotian nurses who taped the mouth of an elderly New Glasgow nursing home resident and then drew a happy face on it have been disciplined but will keep their jobs.
The two nurses were disciplined by the nursing home and allowed to keep jobs.
Yes these are two people you want looking after your elderly mother or father.
They taped the mouth of a lady in her 80's and drew a happy face on the tape. Their reason for doing this was to calm the senior down. Oh yes this i am sure would calm anyone down, having your mouth taped shut.
Don Hussher, chairman of Glen Haven Manor Corp. said The Glen Haven nurses viewed the taping as a harmless tactic to calm and distract the woman, but it was really disguised elder abuse. "We recognize that our professional staff are confronted on a daily basis with situations that stretch their capacity to provide a nurturing environment for our seniors.
"All of us must understand that such workplace pressures can never be used as an excuse for misguided horseplay. Our board of directors will not tolerate such conduct."
Two other women were disciplined also because they knew about it and did not report it.
The elderly womans next of kin were told about it and it is up to them to go to police to lay charges.
The home did not report it to anyone until it was mentioned in the newspaper.
The nurses have good work records and no other complaints against them.
Punishment can include withdrawing, suspending or limiting licences, reprimands and ordering further education
The thin, almost clear tape is commonly used to hold bandages on skin, and not very sticky. The two nurses in this article are said to have been suspended for what it called "witless humour" and "repugnant conduct."
If this was my mother or father this was done to, you can rest assured charges would be laid.
I would not want this done to anyone else. And I sure as heck wouldn't want them working in a nursing home again to do this to others.
If they did this to one lady, I can only assume they did it to others.
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