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article imageKilled by His Internet Lover in April 2006

By optimizer     Feb 15, 2007 in Crime
Is internet Love Really worth Dying?
Raymond Merrill was a decent guy. A "Catch" by any woman's standards. He was financially well off, self-sufficient, good looking and ripe for the picking. So what went so horribly wrong? Raymond Merill is dead.
Raymond Merill is just one of the thousands of men who tried his luck in finding the Girl of his Dreams through Online Dating Sites.
Found his dream girl, a Brazillian, started exchanging emails, chatted for long hours every single day.r, bought her a $20,000 SUV, given her $10,000 to start a business, gave her access to all his credit cards and bank accounts .. literally gave in to all his girlfriend's whims and wishes.
Got engaged, Raymond headed to Brazil with a $5000 diamond ring to give to Regina Filomena Rachid.. then never came back.
Raymond Merrill was never seen again until his killers were caught in possession of his credit cards and his charred remains were eventually identified.
According to news reports in Brazil, Merrill was drugged for about six days, during which he gave up information to access his bank accounts. He was then strangled with a copper wire. His body was driven to the outskirts of Sao Jose dos Campos, doused with diesel fuel and set on fire.
Last June 2006, Rachid, who is believed to be 40, was arrested in an unrelated robbery and Merill's credit card was found in her purse. Rachid and another man are in custody in Merrill's death; the third suspect is at large, said Sanchez Loebick, whose account also was reported by multiple Brazilian media outlets.
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