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article Adds More Networking Features

By Alex Chumak     Feb 14, 2007 in
You will now find the following new features available for users of
See Who Upvoted a Story
With the principle of transparency being so important to user-driven sites, our new feature allows you to see who upvoted every article. To date, we've shown this information in the "Articles I found Important" (found in each user's profile) but now we're making it easier to see who finds a post important.
At the bottom of each article you will now find a tab that shows the upvote icon. By clicking on this tab, you can see all the users who upvoted. It's a great feature for writers to know who likes what type of news, and to connect with people who share similar interests.
Article and Comment Auto-Deactivation
Based on popular demand we have begun auto-deactivating stories based on how you, the users, react to them. Based on user votes, articles might be deactivated if they are (1) a duplicate (2) if they contain too much content copy+pasted from another source and (3) if they seriously lack content (really short posts that don't give any real information).
Important: As more people continue to sign-up to blog on, there will be many users who will take time to get used to the rules. We strongly encourage everyone to help out the newbies: Encourage them to write more if they post really short articles, post feedback if they copied their article from the source, and if they aren't aware that they can upload photos or use one from the database -- tell them! Just remember to be kind, because they probably don't know they are doing anything wrong. Our community is very unique and users are highly intelligent, witty and kind so be proud of that and show-off to the new guys.
If your article or comment is auto-deactivated, you will receive an email update explaining why. It will tell you how many votes you received and offer some advice on how to avoid getting deactivated in the future. Don't get mad, it's meant to help you :)
Happy Birthday to {user(your_id)}:
We've seen some very popular threads over the last week, especially where users share birthday wishes and try and keep track of everyone's big day. To ease the pressure, you can now see a user's birthday on their profile page.
Click on any user's name to find out when their birthday is. And don't worry, we aren't showing the year so everyone can say they are 29.
Let us know what you think of the new features listed above. More coming soon!
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