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Anna Nicole Smith's Body Will Not Be Buried, Kept For DNA Testing

By malan     Feb 14, 2007 in Entertainment
The struggle over 5 month old Dannielynn and her possible $400 Million inheritance.
It has just ruled on that Anna Nicole Smith's body will be held for DNA testing. Lawrence Korda, circuit judge granted the request by attorney's for Larry Birkhead who says he is the child's father.
Birkhead petitioned the Florida court yesterday (Tuesday) that the California court order for DNA test be enforced in Florida fearing that an accurate DNA test could not occur if the body is moved to California.
Birkhead's partner Howard K. Stern (not the king of all media) also says he is the father of the 5 month old daughter of Smith. This baby could stand to inherit over $400 Million from Anna's estate.
The rush is on to perform the proper test before "any further delay would result in destructive changes to the body." said Broward County medical examiner Joshua Perper.
It's amazing how many men are claiming to be the father of the child. It makes me wonder if they are truly seeking to find out the truth or desperately grabbing for a shot at getting the inheritance money from Anna's billionaire ex-husband. Hopefully this madness will not affect the child in a way that could scar her for life, she's already going to have a hard enough time dealing with the fact that her mother was a highly publicized celebrity with highly publicized personal problems.
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