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Critical Security Patches Released Tuesday For Microsoft Software

By Micah The Auto Freak     Feb 14, 2007 in Technology
On Patch Tuesday Microsoft issued six 'critical' security patches to fix flaws in its software products. The company warned the flaws could allow attackers take complete control of vulnerable computers with no action, or even minor action required.
Microsoft seems to be getting on top of business. They recently released a pack of six security updates all of which are critical to maintaining a safe hacker free computer system. "Microsoft said that an attacker could exploit the vulnerability by constructing a specially crafted PDF file that could potentially allow remote code execution when the target computer system receives, and the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine scans the PDF file. "
But I am sure this statement is a suprise to everyone (not) "However, no patches were issued for the newest version of Windows - Vista" Vista seems to be a new technology which has not had the kinks worked out. I have heard numerous flaws about vista but nothing to say good.
Microsoft seems to be a little late with these patches and they state these are only to help and are not in any way supposed to stop or cure all computer viruses. Between vista and all recent OS's Microsoft is going down a never-ending dirt road full of pot-holes. I am not very impressed with microsoft's performance, are you?
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