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Michael (Kramer) Richards and the Ethnic Idiot

By myobservations     Feb 14, 2007 in Entertainment
Michael Richards at the Laugh Factory
In reality, Michael Richards and the Ethnic Idiot are one and the same. In November, 2006, Mr. Richards lost all self control while performing at the West Hollywood Laugh Factory after being mildly harassed by Kyle Doss, an African American in the audience. Prior to his emotional tirade, Michael Richards was widely remembered as the beloved buffoon on “Seinfeld”. He is now regarded as a dejected comedian and actor with no future. This is most unfortunate for a man with a unique ability to make us all laugh. It is also most unfortunate for his millions of White, Black, Yellow and Brown fans. Our perception of Michael will forever be tainted by this incident.
I am truly saddened and feel sorrow for Michael Richards and the life changing event that has put his career in a state of turmoil. But there is little doubt in my mind that Richards held deeply seeded racial hangups long before he lost control at the Laugh Factory. I would not be surprised if that even members of the “Seinfeld” cast were somewhat aware of this man’s inner-anger and race-based hostilities.
I do not believe that there are any career saving therapy programs that could bring about the return of Michael Richards to stage and screen with any measure of respectability and success. But one never knows, Mr. Richards may in the future find forgiveness and acceptance from the general public and the African American community.
This article was orginally posted at my zoofer website
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