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article imageThe nation of Warcraft

By Aaron Robson     Feb 13, 2007 in Technology
World of Warcraft has gathered eight million subscribers. Think of that number. Merely classifying eight million people as “subscribers” doesn’t seem to do them justice: 8,000,000 isn’t just a fanbase; it’s a nation.
An open-border policy has seen the MMORPG’s population swell in the two years it’s been online, placing it snugly in between Burundi (pop: 8,090,068) and Azerbaijan (pop: 7,961,619) in the world population charts. It’s now the 94th most populated place in the world, and the numbers are rising.
Of course, it’s not technically a country, but you try telling the people who regularly pledge allegiance to the Horde that they’re not part of a nation. Sure, there are no birth certificates, but Azeroth expands by roughly 406 people every hour, a stat that’ll have the hardiest inner-city pediatricians quaking in their boots.
With two million players in North America, more than one and a half million players in Europe, and more than three and a half million players in China, the Nation of Warcraft is a melting pot of capitalist and communist, the Alliance and the Horde of the real world.
Who ever made warcraft or created the idea of it must be freaking rich by now. It has gotten to the point where everyone who plays warcraft could build up the population of a large nation. That is really scary. I never really got into the whole warcraft thing, it's cool, but it is not just for me. But apparantly a lot of people did.
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