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How SEGA Can Save Sonic?

By guj_*     Feb 13, 2007 in Technology
Make Sonic a Loner again!
Sonic seems to have taken a big hit recently, with variously Sonic themed games failing to even meet satisfactory standards. A gaming website has put together some suggestions as to how SEGA can revive Sonic. The one which I most agree with, is Sonic is traditionally a 'loner' all these cutsie friends and complicated characters just make things worse!
"1. Ditch the tagalongs
Sonic is a loner, Dottie. A rebel. Having all those companions and pals and buddies nipping at his heels just crimps his style. Especially newer characters like Silver the Hedgehog who, somehow, are even lamer than your average Sonic fanfic/fanart creation. And keep in mind that Sonic fans are so lame they like to draw pictures of Tails having sex. That's super lame. No one outside of Sonic Team's payroll likes Sonic characters who aren't Sonic, so why are we saddled with them? All we want to do is play as the man (er, hedgehog) himself. "
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