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Did Chimpanzees have had their own Stone Age?

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 13, 2007 in Environment
Evidence that shows they were using stone tools to crack nuts 4,300 years ago, appears they did.
Researchers working on the Ivory Coas found rocks that clearly had been used to break up nuts,
the findings suggest that the common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans started using tools more than 7 million years ago, when the two species started to evolve separately.
"It's not clear whether we hominins invented this kind of stone technology, or whether both humans and the great apes inherited it from a common forebear," said archeologist Julio Mercader of the University of Calgary in Alberta, who led the study.
"There weren't any farmers living in this region 4,300 years ago, so it is unlikely that chimpanzees picked it up by imitating villagers, like some scientists used to claim."
The rocks were bigger and looked different from the type typically used by early humans, but are the same type that are used by chimps today to crack nuts.
Present-day chimpanzees crack five nut species that, except for one (Coula edulis), are not cracked by local human populations,"
No evidence that humans lived there was found.
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