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article imageNext-gen Star Wars revealed for PS3 and 360

By Aaron Robson     Feb 12, 2007 in Technology
Ok, but where is the Wii version?
The first details of LucasArts' PS3 and Xbox 360 Star Wars project have finally emerged, from the latest issue of Game Informer.
It's called Star Wars: Force Unleashed and takes place between Episode III and Episode IV, when new Sith on the block Darth Vader is out to wipe the galaxy clean of runaway Jedi.
As Vader's apprentice, you're on a secret mission to dive head-first into the forbidden Dark Side of the force, take out the emperor and rule the galaxy as master and apprentice. Awww.
Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are being developed in-house at Lucasarts, while PS2, PSP and DS duties have been outsourced to another, unnamed developer.
George Lucas reportedly has a lot of input in the project, and even helped design some of the characters.
Force Unleashed uses LucasArts' much-touted Eurphoria engine, which calculates environmental damage such as smashing crates in real-time. One given example of the tech is how a tree will either break in two or splinter realistically depending on how you hit it. Likewise, steel will dent appropriately when damaged your fancy Force powers.
First thing I just want to say is that this game looks like a dark side jedi version of what we know as the star wars series latest game is Star wars Lethal alliance. Ok, so it is an imporvement, your at least a jedi/sith apprentice this time rather than a lady with a gun and droid (no offence, but who plays starwars to be a gun weilding alien only? Bring on the lightsabers).
Ok, so like I said before, Lucas arts is probably improving after that last fiasco, but one question still remains. Why is this game not being released onto the Wii? Like, come one. Who doesn't want to use the Wii controller as a lightsaber and to force choke someone or push them out of the way. I think that this game could easliy have been adapted for the Wii and would have been better on the Wii. Think about the Jedi wannabes. It would bring people that much closer to becoming one.
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