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article imageDef Jam for the XBOX 360, hands on

By Aaron Robson     Feb 12, 2007 in Technology
This has to be one of the most realistic games I have ever seen, look at that! That guy actually looks like a real guy!
Def Jam is one of those rare breeds - a series of fighters that always seems to try something a little bit different. EA have always got that feeling of bone-crunching contact with your opponent spot on, with sound effects and animation that make you screw your eyes up every time your face gets smashed in. The same is true here, only things have been beefed up a great deal this time around, while still keeping the same tongue-in-cheek silliness and over the top, bling-fueled violence that’s always set it apart from the competition. It might look like it’s gone all serious, but it’s still got that rude-boy charm.
I would have to say bravo, the makers of Def Jam. The first game that features realistic graphics that show true evidence that one day the graphics will be unnoticable and that the people will look like people.
But let's not linger around that idea for to long, it might start to seem that it is to good to be true, so let's move onto the actual games aspects.
The fighting system is pretty similar to Fight Night Round 3, EA Chicago’s previous endeavor. Particularly in its use of the right analog stick to deliver stronger attacks. Pull the analog to the right, or back, and then rotate forward to deliver the game’s more bruising punches.
Each fight is staged in various urban environments or interior venues - and is made up of a number of hazards and props. Fire extinguishers, helicopters, car washers, cameras, speakers, fuse-boxes - all bits of furniture which react to the music.
For starters, Def Jam is and always has been a very unique fighting game. It brigns urban, rappers, pimps, playa's, ballers, and gangsters all into one fighting game that provides a large fighting system that provides many marial arts styles.
The graphics look utterly amazing, the game looks addicting and fun, and it looks as if the game is going to provide many hours of sensless fighting between gangsters and rappers and such. Plus, this game looks as if it could be very entertaining with your friends playing with you.
So thanks to the revenues I earn from Digital Journal this month, I might just run out and get a copy of this game for myself at the end of the month.
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