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article imageShots, drugs, pills and parties: Anna Nicole Smith

By Micah The Auto Freak     Feb 11, 2007 in Entertainment
ANNA Nicole Smith's final hours were a booze-fueled haze that ended in a hotel room so littered with drugs that it resembled a well-stocked chemist.
Anna Nicole Smith - Tragic death or just plain stupid?
As most of you probobly know Anna Nicole Smith has died and her final hours werent her finest by far. I read in this article that she had been doing drugs and getting so drunk that she could have collapsed just from that. She probobly has been partying all of her life and this was the last stray. But she was so young and had some talent so it really is too bad.
The other awful part to this story is the child has no mother and will find out later on that her mother was a great star but made poor choices leading to her death. I dont think Anna Nicole Smith thought about the child when making any heath choices.
What are your thoughts on her? Is she wrong to have done what she has? Should she have been more careful?
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