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article imageDead Silence, from the producers of Saw

By Aaron Robson     Feb 11, 2007 in Entertainment
I was wondering when they were going to start making rip offs of the goosebump books.
So, I was in the theaters last week, and saw the movie trailer for this movie for the first time and thought that this would be good as soon as they mentioned Saw. But as the trailer progressed, I thought that this sounded awfully familiar. It wasn't towards the end that it dawned on me. This movie sounds almost exactly like the goosebump book " Night of the living Dummy"
For those of you who were goosebumps fans when you were younger, you will know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who don't I will explain. The book was about a ventrillaquist dummy who was owned by a magician, he cursed the dummy and then comes to life when you read the magic words found in the dunnies pocket, and if you read them backwards he dies. Ok, the movie doesn't really follow those exact things, but is similar.
The movie is about a ventruillquist woman, somehow she loses her tongue, but she cans till make the dummy talk (wierd). So people thought she was a witch or something, killed her and she now haunts her house/ town. So the legend is that if you go in the house, all of her dunnies are alive, and attack you and stuff, and if you see her and scream, she will rip your tongue out and make you into a dummy.
Sounds good, and I will see it. Just makes you wonder on which goosebumps book directors and producers will rip off next time, there are around 200 goosebumps books, those are alot of movie ideas.
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