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article imageHostel part II

By Aaron Robson     Feb 11, 2007 in Entertainment
I diidn't even think it was worth making the first one to tell you the truth.
Hostel Part II, exactly what we need right now (hints of sarcasm). So I was thinking to myself about this, and I came up with something good to say about this movie.
What are they thinking, when they decided "Hey, let's make a Hostel part 2!" Like, did they not get enough nudity and pure morbid torture in the first movie? Did they think that it wasn't enough when that guy had to cut the asian girl's eye out? Was it not enough that they cut the back of one guy's ankle tendants?
Another thing is that, what is the whole mystery right now, the big twist in Hostel was that it was a torture society and you didn't know tht till the end. What are they going to do, erase your memory before you go into the theater so you don't know to till the very end of the second movie?
I dunno, I thought the first movie was bad, and I think the second one will be bad aswell. Tell me what you think.
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