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13 Year Old saves best friend's life from choking on steak

By Hotttttie     Feb 11, 2007 in World
13 Year old saves his best friend's life while he was choking in class
Nine years of training enabled a 13-year-old boy to keep his composure and step in to save his best friend's life when he started choking at school this week.
Patrick Dagher who has been training to be a life-guard since he was four-years-old and the life-saving techniques he learned at the pool came in handy on Tuesday when his best friend and classmate approached him choking at lunch.
Dagher's best friend Alex Suddard approached him while on lunch he stopped breathing " he came to me because I know CPR," explained Dagher.
According to CityNews report, "Alex ate a piece of steak that got lodged in his throat. He had a drink of water and ate a grape, hoping that would clear the passageway, but instead his throat started to close. He found his friend who promptly took action and started the Heimlich manoeuvre."
Alex Suddard states If he wasn't there I don't think anybody would have known what to do and I would have been dead."
The two best friends have known each other since kindergarten and for Dagher this is not the first time he had to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre, just last year Dagher performed it on his mother.
Suddard claims that if it wasn't for Dagher he probably wouldn't be here today.
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