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Anna Nicole's child may be from Billionaire Husband's Frozen Sperm

By bobSP     Feb 10, 2007 in World
And the weird tale of Anna Nicole gets that much weirder: the little girl may be the child of the late billionaire Howard Marshall. How exactly? In vitro fertilization.
The stunning turn of events was let loose by none other than Smith's half sister Donna Hogan. She alleges that Smith had had some of Howard Marshall's sperm frozen years ago and may have used that sperm to get herself pregnant.
This comes after the huge court case over the paternity of the child, Danielynn. Smith's lawyer, Howard K. Stern, and her ex-boyfriend are currently fighting over who is in fact the father of the child--and who has the rights to nearly a billion dollars of inheritance.
Yesterday, the case got even weirder as Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband claimed HE was, in fact, the father.
Will this case ever get solved? And will Anna Nicole ever be able to just rest in peace? It looks doubtful the way these people are acting..and sad.
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