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article imageWii Wanna Rock!

By Aaron Robson     Feb 10, 2007 in Technology
Now you will be able to rock out on your Wii because Guitar Hero is coming to Nintendo.
While it's not shocking at all that Activision is porting its extensive catalogue of franchises over to Nintendo's stable, it is worth noting that CEO Mike Griffith never says which system is getting which games. Though unlikely, it could be that GH is coming to DS and not Wii. Wouldn't that be silly?
Now begins the long wait for Guitar Hero deets. New songs? New game? Will we use the remote or just go straight for a new guitar? So many questions... so zero answers.
And people say that Microsoft and Nintendo is better than Sony. Sony is the system upon which the Guitar Hero franchise had started and now the series has spread like wild fire. With t part 2 coming out for now both the XBOX 360 and the Wii, aswell as the two new games Guitar Hero 80s, and part 3 to follow that, we look forward to a hard rocking year.
Now all we are waiting for is PS3 to make the PS2 version of Guitar Hero 2 combatible. Many who now own both PS3 and Guitar Hero are confused on where to plug in the Guitar controller. I think that it might increse their sales if they had some kind of port that made the controller be able to plug into one of the PS3 usb ports.
But the big question is, "How will the nintendo Wii version of Guitar Hero be unique compared to the XBOX 360 and PS2 version?" This makes you wonder if they will somehow add an attatchment to the already popular Wii remote, or make a brand new Wii Guitar controllar. We can only imagine at this point.
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