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Pedophile Frederick Everts sentenced to 800 years in prison

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 10, 2007 in Crime
The claim that he was legally insane at the time, did not hold any water. Today he was sentenced to 800 years in prison.
Frederick Everts, was convicted of molesting several San Jose children, other charges involved child porn. Today he got 800 years for those crimes.
Last month, his request for a new sanity hearing was denied by the same judge who has given him 800 years.
Everts claimed he was denied the opportunity to present a mental health expert who might have testified that Everts was insane.
Everts was diagnosed as a sexual sadomasochist. ``I can't imagine with my compulsion that any amount of therapy would stop me,'' he once asaid in an interview with a .probation worker.
If Everts had been found to be legally insane he would have been sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of prison.
Everts had shared a South San Jose home with Dean Schwartzmiller, a serial pedophile who was also convicted of child molestation.
* legally insane? yeah right, more like legally a sicko who deserves more then 800 years. they should let him share 700 years with the other sickos who only get a few years here and there.
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