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article imageThe Bourne Supremacy trilogy to become games

By Aaron Robson     Feb 9, 2007 in Technology
Based on the film series that began with 2002's The Bourne Identity, the third film in the series, The Bourne Ultimatum, is due out this August. Publisher Vivendi Universal Games is in the driver's seat to make the games (the films come from Universal Stu
THis could actually amount to something big, so far the first to movies were a success, and expect the third one this August to be a success aswell. But there is one thing that keeps itching at the back of my mind...Oh yeah, when was the last time Vivendi Universal did something spectacular?
Some may think that this might be what Vivendi was looking for inorder to increase their reputation after the poor attempt to bring Crash Bandicoot back to the list of games that kick ass (Crash Nitro Cart, exact same thing of Crash Team Racing and I still bought it). But others may say that this is also their chance to take another good movie and create another crappy game of a movie, possibily ruining the experience of both medias.
If we take a look at the past history if video games, we should ask ourselves, when was the actual last time that a good movie was made into a good game. I think that it was the Warriors, but it took them over 30 years to do that one (the game didn't take 30 years to make, it took them 30 years to start). Besides that the 3rd the Lord of the Rings game was a candidate for a good movie game (mainly because Peter Jackson didn't put his name all over it), but lost it's sparkle once you finally killed Golum and dropped the ring into the Mordor. So, according to my calculations, only two movie games out of many were good and fn to play.
So to take a look at the eqaution we currently have, movie games usually aren't good because they stray from the actuall story to make more action and a short game longer, and Vivendi is not the greatest when it comes to making good and original games. I think the odds are against Vivendi, but if they try to take something as good as the Bourne movies, they might just do it.
So a game about a guy who loses his memory and is hounded down by other hitman in order to dispose of hime because he is a hitman...just maybe, this could be smoething big.
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