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article imageGirl, 8, nabbed after making 135 prank 911 calls

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 9, 2007 in Crime
An 8 Year Old Girl makes 135 Prank Calls to 911 and make the Police and Ambulances busy is finally caught.
SOUTH GLENS FALLS - An 8-year-old girl was caught red-handed Thursday after weeks of making dozens of prank phone calls, including some that led officers on potentially dangerous wild goose chases.
The girl and three or four friends placed a maddening 135 phone calls, mostly from South Glens Falls, since the end of January. Because of the way cellphone towers route emergency calls, about 35 calls went to dispatchers in Lake George and the rest went to Wilton.
Police Dispatchers at 911 used to receive lot of prank calls, but usually they spot it right away when the kid giggles at the other end. But this time it was more serious, this 8 Year old girl along with her friends (three or four) used to send them on a wild goose chase, reporting that there is a serious accident and requires immediate Ambulance attention and so on.
The Police every time send their squad cars, ambulances to the spot only to find it is a prank call. It maybe fine for one or two but when they received more than 135 calls, they decided to take more action. After one incident, they monitored the particular number of the girl and didn't send any emergency vehicles. With GPS equipment and with lot of scanning and patience they traced their source and coordinates of this phone and this girl. This girl tried to do the same prank, luckily a Police Car was nearby in the South Glens Falls neighborhood and were able to locate the signal within 10 feet of her.
When the deputies knocked the girl's door, they found the girl still on the phone talking to a 911 operator. As soon as the girl saw the deputies she ran inside and hid herself, but it was too late. Her dad gave her daughter the phone that can dial 911 only on emergency situations, instead she misused several times.
Deputies knocked on the family's door and found the girl still on the phone with a 911 operator. The girl ran and hid in the bathroom. The authorities have not decided what to do with this 8 year old kid, don't want to drag her to court. They are also looking for her accomplices.
Without Caller ID, it took them a lot of time to trace the call. Even though the kid deserves a punishment, I am glad the Police are showing leniancy, hopefully the parents will talk to their daughter and try to correct the problem.
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