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A Comparison of Live Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 9, 2007 in Lifestyle
Techcrunch compares Live Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and says Gmail is the best of all webmail applications.
"The three applications, Gmail, Microsoft Live Mail and Yahoo Mail along with AOL mail, make up the vast majority of the 500 million or so webmail users around the world (see chart below).
Most of these users are still using the old, tedious, Ajax-free Yahoo Mail and Hotmail user interfaces, requiring page refreshes for every click. The new applications, along with Gmail, offer a much richer experience, much like Outlook or Mac mail. When these webmail clients are performing well, their speed and ease of use is easily as good as a desktop client."
TechCrunch did a comparison of all three e-mails, Gmail, Microsoft Live Mail (Hotmail), Yahoo Mail, overall they prefer Gmail over all other web applications, because they the speed is fast in Gmail and e-mails can be tagged, so you can find related items easily.
While Yahoo and Live Mail use Outlook interface it is easy for most users, but whereas for Gmail it will take some time to get used to it. If you prefer an outlook version then you can choose Yahoo Mail according to TechCrunch.
Here is the table that will give you some idea about the various features:
The main features of three e-mail services:
* It combines all related e-mail replies in a single thread, unlike others.
* Tags available, similar to folders, for better search.
* It also has integrated with Gtalk. Also added Docs & Spreadsheet functionality, so if you receive a word document, you can open it online right away, will be useful when you are away from your Desktop.
* More Storage and growing (2.8GB and more)
* Free Pop-In and Pop-Out
* Mail Fetcher - You can access all your other e-mail accounts in one Mail.
* Coordination with Google Calendar
* Notebook - You can write notes and save as drafts for getting it later
* Extra Storage - You can store huge files and use it as a portable drive and access it anywhere (GDrive)
They will be adding more features in the day to come. So, if you are not using it, use one.
Windows Live Hotmail
Microsoft has 228 Million Hotmail users, it is mainly because they have been ever since, but this figure will change in the future.
* Similar to Google offer 2GB but doesn't increase in size like Google.
* No Pop-in and Pop-out, you have to pay for these features
* Considered the slowest of the three
Yahoo Mail
* Allows Pop-In but no Pop-Out (Can't use with Outlook or offline), they still have paid users, so they don't want to give it free.
* Storage only 1GB
* Yahoo Mail is the fastest of the three with Outlook Interface
* RSS integration is good along with Instant Messaging
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