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Cab Driver Locks Fare in Cab and Heads Towards Jail

By onemoretime     Feb 8, 2007 in Crime
Passenger hails cab for home but locked in cab and driven towards jail.
Michael Orange, 29, of San Rafael, California innocently hailed a cab for home but was driven towards jail instead. Orange, who is African American, is accusing the cab driver of racial profiling in the incident in which the cab driver locked the doors, made a u-turn and headed for the Marin County jail because, as he told Orange, he fit the description of a passenger who skipped out on two fares.
The un-named cab driver told Orange that he could either pay the fare in advance of talk to sherriff's deputies. Orange insisted the cab driver call dispatch to find out that he was a repeat customer in good standing. After calling dispatch he was told that Orange could be taken home.
The cab driver offered, instead of an apology, to waive the cost of the fare if Orange agreed to keep quiet about the incident, but Orange gave the cab driver $20 and stepped out of the cab.
Lawyer's for Orange filed a racial discrimination complaint against Marin Yellow Cab, who declined to comment on the matter.
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