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Digital Journal, what should and what shouldn't be said

By Aaron Robson     Feb 8, 2007 in World
Sometimes the way you word your opinion can be harmful.
To start things off, Digital Journal is a great way to keep updated in the world today and to let others know your opinions. But sometimes your opinion could get you and others in trouble.
Most of the world today is based on the motive of freedom of speech, those who are fortunate to live those free lifestyles take advantage of it. But if harmful things are said, be prepared for harmful actions.
From experince, saying a negative opinion that strongly victimizes a subject can be a risky thing, especially if you are talking about a person who has some sort of influence over things.
To try and avoid such happenings, it is suggestable to some times if you are making your comments about someone specific, make it an indirect statement. That way it is not noted as a direct statement. Because if a direct comment is made about someone and it is negative, leagal actions could possibley be taken on both you as the author of the topic (or a comment), and Digital Journal as the acting host of the comment and topic. So basically think of it this way, consider your rude and offensive comment as a punch towads that person, if you are going to throw a punch at someone, expect one back.
So guys be careful on comments you make and some of the opinions you express while using Digital Journal, keep your wording safe, and just be thankful that the Digital Journal staff are there to catch those few slip ups that sometimes are made.
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