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article imageWill Blu-ray Suffer Betamax Fate?

By jbosavage     Feb 8, 2007 in Technology
Could it be true that Sony's Blu-ray high-def disc technology is being denied to the porn idustry? No, actually that's not true. And it's not true that Blu-ray is going to suffer the fate of Betamax, either.
I wrote this story and wanted to get some more feedback on it in this forum. Long ago, Sony refused to let the pornography industry use its Betamax technology -- and, the story goies, that dug a grave for Betamax. It didn't help that VHS tape was cheaper and held a heck of alot more, too. Like enough to tape a football game. At any rate, VHS was the victor. Now, about eight months after it debuted its Blu-ray discs, we hear Sony is going down the same path. Will it make a difference in its war against the other version: The HD-DVD?
Probably not. Today if someone wants porn, he or she can download it from the 'Net. No need to get it on a disc. Sure, some pornography will sell, but mostly people will download it. So it's not really a factor. The big deal in my view will be price (right now HD-DVD is a bit cheaper, but not astronomically so) and quality. According to Amazon, Blu-ray sales have surged ahead of HD-DVDs.
So all this talk about Sony going down the Betamax road again is just that -- talk. And it's embraced by supporters of the other format (like, maybe, Microsoft? The XBox offers an HD-DVD peripheral, afterall). And I think at some point, uers will choose one over the other, either because they have a PS3 (Sony) or XBox, or because of a perceived quality difference, or because they intuit that the market is leaning one way. Machines like LG's combo will not be popular because of their high price tag: upward of $1200.
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