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article imageThe new Naughty Dog title is a PS3 title

By Aaron Robson     Feb 8, 2007 in Technology
A little different from the Jak and the old Crash games but it still looks good.
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will be the title of developer Naughty Dog's impressive PS3 jungle-set actioner, which wowed onlookers at E3 last year with an exciting trailer and looks to promise a heady blend of shooting, stealthing and platforming thrills.
The "Drake's Fortune " subtitle refers to the lost silver treasure of Sir Francis Drake, and locates the game in the Caribbean, where Drake had to abandon the fortune in silver he'd commandeered from a raid on a Spanish fleet. And, if you navigate your way to the game's official site, you can clearly see an olde-worlde map in the background of the page - we reckon Uncharted will cast you as a treasure-hunter looking for Drake's stash, who runs into tooled-up mercs in a Caribbean paradise.
The game sounds like it could be a very successful game, bt at the same time it looks as if it could be a great big flop aswell.
Naughty dog (the creaters) have been well known as one of the best game creaters ever. But all of the games they have done have been a little on the cartoonish side. For instances Jak and the Crash bandicoot games (naughty dog has nothing to do with the fact that the Crash games now suck and are ruined because they changed all of the characters. They sold the title and everything once they realised they wouldn't be able to do much more with Crash, after Crash Team Racing, the first and only good one).
So is it so wise for Naughty Dog to step away from what they are so good at, and do somethig new on the PS3. Like I said, it is either going to be good, or bad.
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