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article imageNew God of War 2 screen shots released

By Aaron Robson     Feb 7, 2007 in Technology
Kratos snaps necks at 4,000 feet now.
The God of war is one of the most successful games for the playstation industries ever to be created. With amazing graphics, and the most unique cameraaction angles ever,the game has become a big icon of the PS2 system these recent years.
After the success of the first game, why not mae a second one? That is exactly what has happened. Everything seems to be moving in favour for God of War. Some of you may have recently heard these past few months that the title name of God of War has been bought for movie rights (let's hope this is true), and that The God of War will make a come back with a second game.
Some may have already seen the trailer thrown together with demo scenes and the some what noticable cut scene in the end when the hero/ new god of war jumps from a pegeasus in the air onto a flying griffin and tears of the wing plunging through the sky. Now to back up those demo scenes, new screen shots have been released showing the actual in game action that you will incounter.
I found the most enjoyable parts about the previous game was the camera angles that would fly up into the sky with you and smash into the walls as you did, the interactive button push sequence as you struggle to tear off medusa's head and twirl the annalog stick at the same time or climb all over a giant as he tries to break your limbs, and the fact that the game to ancient greek mythological characters and created unique images of them, but still making them recognisable.
I just have to say that if any of the levels are like the first level from part one (you travel through ship wrecks as you battle the any heads of Hydra over the raginging seas), the game will be awesome and a possiile game of the year consideration. This is something I'm going to rush out and get the day it comes out.
(Oh yeah, to view all of the screen shots from the new game, hit the images tab while viewing the full story).
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