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article image"David & Goliath" :: Woman Sues RIAA For Suing Her and WINS!

By malan     Feb 7, 2007 in Business
Woman fires a law suit back at the RIAA after they sued her for illegally downloading music.. and wins.
As the RIAA struggles to find a way to combat against online music pirating they are firing several strategies in the air hoping that one sticks. They've gone after P2P programs, their creators and even the individual users that download music with these types of programs.
They are using their wealth and size to attempt to "scare" the public into staying away from music downloading websites and at first people were very scared... (who can afford a legal battle with a multi-billion dollar industry) but lately, the individuals being brought to court over downloading copyrighted music are fighting back.
In a true David vs. Goliath story, one woman who was sued by the RIAA, brought to court, forced to hire an attorney and spend her time trying to fight the case has fired a shot back and actually won with it and will be awarded financially.
It's great to see the courts recognize that there is a problem with the RIAA's concept of suing thousands of individuals attached to IP addresses where the RIAA "thinks" copy written material is being shared and offered to other users. Judges have been throwing cases out of court based on the flimsy evidence but this is the first example of an individual fighting back and suing the RIAA for suing her... and winning.
She successfully sued the RIAA for reimbursement for her attorney's fees and the judged noted that suing users based on an IP address alone is "frivolous and unreasonable" noting that this mother, whose child was most likely the one downloading the music anyway could never be held liable, especially because she was Internet-illiterate and did not know "Kazaa from a kazoo."
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