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Girls charged after officer hit

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 7, 2007 in Crime
Two teenage girls were arrested Tuesday after a police officer’s foot was run over and his cruiser smashed during a vehicle stop in Toronto.
A police officer pulled over a car last night around 10:40 pm because the car was thought to be stolen. The officer got out of his car and the car he pulled over reveresed towards him , running over his root and hitting his cruiser.
The car then took off and ended up crashing into a tree about a half kilometer away. Two girls, aged 17, were driving the car. They had been drinking. They were not hurt in the crash but the officer was treated by paramedics. The two girls have been charged with Theft and Possession of a stolen vehicle and the driver was also charged wtih impaired driving.
I think attempted murder might be a good charge to put on the driver also because she tried to run the officer over.
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