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Abused animals recovering at SPCA

By Woodbine1967     Feb 7, 2007 in Crime
Sad case of Animal Cruelty but animals rescued in time.
Twenty-one animals found chained outdoors in minus 30 degree temperatures with little food and no water on a property in Montérégie are recovering safely in the hands of the regional SPCA, its director said Tuesday.
Many of the 18 dogs and one puppy seized from the La Présentation residence, 60 kilometres east of Montreal, Monday night had open, infected wounds on their necks from the tightly wound chains and old collars used to tie them up and are to be seen by a veterinarian today, Linda Robertson said.
“We had to take them with their chains because we couldn’t take them off their necks,” she said. “A lot of the dogs had the chains embedded.”
The dogs, which include Huskies, a pregnant part-Boxer, mixed Labradors and a Malamute, were found in a field abutting the main house.
They were tied with thick, 6-metre long chains attached to a metal pole, and although each had a doghouse the chains were so twisted around the pole that, except for the puppy, they were unable to reach shelter, Robertson said.
The only signs of food were several frozen geese carcasses scattered nearby.
A pony found chained to a truck on another field along with a horse left to wander freely are being cared for by an SPCA volunteer at her home.
The six-week-old Husky puppy has been placed together with the SPCA’s cats for maximum quiet and comfort.
Provincial police are to question the owner of the property later this week and determine whether he will be charged with animal cruelty, in which case the animals would remain at the Montérégie SPCA in Ste. Angèle de Monnoir, about 35 kilometers southwest of La Présentation.
Source: Montreal gazette
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