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Play Hard to Get When It Comes to Love Say U.S. Researchers

By geozone     Feb 6, 2007 in Lifestyle
When it comes to the mating game, being choosy will make you far more attractive to potential suitors than if you are easy to get.
Researchers at Northwestern University and MIT conducted a study of selective versus non selective romantic desire. Their findings went against the conventional wisdom that one of the most effective ways of getting someone to like you is to make it evident you like them.
Unconcelaed romantic interest seems to come across as desperate and unappealing. This was seen in speed daters who demonstrated romantic interest in most of their potential partners and were overwhelmingly rejected. They were seen as indiscriminately romantic as opposed to uniquely exhibiting interest toward a particular individual.
Those who played hard to get, on the other hand, came off as desirable. As people in general have the need to feel unique or special, it comes as no surprise the same need would arise in intimate relationships and friendships.
"Potential partners who seem undiscriminating are a definite turnoff, and those who evoke the magic of feeling special are a big draw," as one of the researchers put it.
So the first few minutes of an initial social interaction with someone who could be a potential love interest is important. Playing hard to get will make you a lot more appealing than being easy.
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