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article imageWoman Uses Daughter's Key to 'Steal' Car

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 6, 2007 in Lifestyle
A woman mistakenly takes a mid 80s Toyota Camry car from another stranger with her daughter's keys.
A college student who reported that his car was stolen got a surprise when he learned a woman had mistaken it for her daughter's car and taken it- using her key.
Kate Anderson of Athens became an accidental car thief when she went to pick up her daughter's car near an Ohio University building last week. Anderson spotted the nickel-gray Toyota Camry and used her daughter's key to unlock the car, start the engine and drive home- without realizing that the car wasn't her daughter's.
Charlie Vansant, a Ohio University student left his car in a parking lot near his University building, but when he came out, there was no car. So, he thought his car might have been towed, so he contacted the local police, who said no. He filed a theft report and was waiting for the news from the police.
Kate Anderson mistakenly took his car, it just happened that the keys of her daughter's car fit Charlie's car also plus it fit the ignition lock. She didn't realize this wasn't her daughter's after she went to see her. They checked the glove compartment and were able to identify the owner. But before giving the car, Kate asked him lot of questions. Charlie thought maybe they are trying to get some ransom from him. So, he took a cop to Kate's house and the problem was sorted out once they realized it was a mistaken car identity.
Vansant seemed to blame the car company more than the "thief." "Her key fit not only my lock, but my ignition as well- so high-five for Toyota, I guess," he said.
Toyota said, the key technology was not sophisticated back in the 80s (they are telling now) and they used to have same block to cut similar sets of keys. They say, now they embed microchip that will prevent such mixups.
Glad they worked it out. Hopefully he will graduate soon and get a new Toyota Camry.
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