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Professor begins hunger strike after being denied tenure

By brooketerra     Feb 6, 2007 in Politics
A black MIT professor began a hunger strike Monday to protest the university's decision to deny him tenure, which he claims was based on race.
After two years of trying for tenur at a university that appoints less than half of it's junior staff to tenur this professor has decided that the only reason they could have for not giving him what he wants is race.
So he's not going to eat until they admit it.
I don't see this working they way he is invsioning it working. Kind of like Al Gore refusing to admit that he lost the presidential bid to the point he reminded people of a two year old having a temper tantrum, plugging his ears singing "I can't hear you!"
Chancellor Phillip Clay would not comment on the specific reasons Sherley was not tenured, but said the decision involved comments from experts outside MIT.
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