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Radioactive waste on its way out of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

By soome2000     Feb 5, 2007 in Environment
Maybe you didn't even know there was radioacitve waste in the city, but companies are going to bid for the job of disposing of the low-level material.
Three to four barrel-sized drums of “non-compactable” waste and one to two of “compactable” waste are being stored in a shed directly west of the Queen Street East building, said facility manager Richard Graham.
However, Graham called radiation levels at GLFC “very, very low.”
And I wonder, just how low is low?
Maybe some of you will remember the hoopala that followed the transportation of radioactive waste, by truck and then helicopter through this quiet border community a few year ago. Safety was a primary issue, as they sneaked the stuff through with minimum media coverage; we can now rest assured:
Researchers and staff who handle the materials are all licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the building where the waste is stored is also licensed and appropriately secured, GLFC says.
It is also good to know:
The winning bidders will also have a valid Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Certificate and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certificate to transport the materials and “decommission,” or clean up, two labs that have been out of use for about eight years, said Graham, who is also licensed as a radiation safety officer.
..also comforting to know, there are signs on the doors of the sheds forbidding anyone to enter.
Not in my backyard you say, but who really knows where it is stored?
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