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Newfoundland man is Twice connected to murder

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 4, 2007 in Crime
newfoundland Man acquitted in B.C. was once a suspect in Newfoundland slayings
Shannon Murrin, 56 was acquitted of the killing of Mindy Tran who was 8 years old. Seven years later he is now involved in a double murder case in Newfoundland.
Joseph Oliver a former friend of his was charged with two counts of second-degree murder for the murders of Dale Worthman and Kimberley Lockyer who disappeared in 1993 and their remains were just found in July 2006.
Police now are questioning if Murrin was involved in the murders because when he was in jail in British Columbia he gave statements to police in 1995 saying he would give them some information on the double murders in Newfoundland if they transferred him to the prison in Newfoundland.
Murrin said it was all lies that he would say anything to get a transfer out of BC because he feared for his life.
He says now he will not testify and if they send him a subpoena he will treat it as toilet paper.
He said he hates the courts and police because of what he went through in British Columbia.
He is now living with Kathy MacDonald. She served on the jury that acquitted him of murdering the 8 year old. He has hepatitis C — "a parting gift" from his time in B.C. he says.
What i find hard to understand is, he said he would give them information on the double murders in Newfoundland back in 1995. But, the bodies were not found until 2006, until that time they were missing. So it seems to me he did know about the murders.
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