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Strange Weather Phenomenon in Newfoundland

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 4, 2007 in Environment
Strange weather phenomenon observed in Newfoundland, ice is pushed like waves into the shore and edges of the land.
Instead of water being pushed to the shore, Ice is pushed. I have never seen this before so I have no idea. I read this in the comment area which makes sense. If you are familiar with it let us know.
This is a fine example of what scientists and engineers call an "ice-shove" or "ice-push". The Inupiat eskimo of northern Alaska use the term "ivu". The occur when the winds and / or ocean currents push the floating sea ice up against the shore. This is one of the best movies of this type of event I've seen.
Andy Mahoney
Post Doctoral Researcher and Ice Nerd
National Snow and Ice Data Center
Boulder, CO 80305
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