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article imageElebits Devs: Wii is good hardware and very capable, much more possible

By guj_*     Feb 3, 2007 in Technology
Wii has more potential?
In an interview with IGN Shingo Mukaitoge spoke to them about his upcoming game for the Wii called Dewy's Adventuer. He believes that the Wii consists of good harware and even states it is difficult to develop for. Mukaitoge believes the Wii is capable of much more than what we are currently seeing too.
"IGN Wii: This is your second major Wii game. What do you think of the hardware so far?
Mukaitoge: I truly feel that the Wii is good hardware. Normally in a game, you are forced to use just your two thumbs to move your character and perform actions, but the Wii incorporates 3D motion, which really opens up the possibilities of simultaneous actions. The Wii is a difficult system to develop a platformer for, but with Dewy's Adventure, we made some adjustments to take advantage of the system. The end game is a fun title that I can proudly recommend.
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