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article imageCould Global Warming = Mass Starvation?

By Viga Boland     Feb 3, 2007 in Environment
The news of the last 48 hours has been dominated by the reports from the IPCC about the effects and ramifications of global warming. Now here's a columnist who suggests yet another dire consequence...
MASSIVE STARVATION on a global scale.
It's hard for most of us here in North America to even conceive of store shelves devoid of food and all those yummies that are making us fatter and fatter, but Gwynne Dyer, an independent columnist is now alerting us to just that possibility. If you haven't already thought about it, Gwynne raises a point the IPCC report doesn't:
" ...the report goes on to talk about killer heat waves, more and bigger tropical storms, melting glaciers and rising sea levels -- but it doesn't really get into the worst implication of major global heating: mass starvation."
Here's Gwynne's thinking:
"If the global average temperature rises by 4.5 C, shifting rainfall patterns will bring perpetual drought to most of the world's major breadbaskets (the north Indian plain, the Chinese river valleys, the U.S. Midwest, the Nile watershed), and reduce global food production by 25 per cent to 50 per cent. If it goes to 6 C, we lose most of our food production worldwide."
We lose most of our food production worldwide? Ouch. The attached photo is of a starving child in Africa. What if in the future it's just one of many starving children in our own communities?
Gwynne's message is well-founded and his article demands reading. He points out the facts we already know and offers the solutions that must implemented asap if we are going to save this planet, saying a new job has been created by this situation, that of "planetary maintenance engineer". But there isn't just one vacancy: it's a job that the entire world must take on to avoid future calamity... if it's avoidable.
How do you feel after reading all the reports the past 48 hours? Does it concern you or do we read them and go on our merry way? Sure, it's the big boys and industry who have the biggest jobs ahead re controlling emissions, air pollution etc. But what can you and I contribute on a smaller scale and more importantly, if suggestions are made, will we indeed change what we are doing now to help our planet?
How concerned are you?
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