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La. Sheriff puts tiny cameras on Tasers

By brooketerra     Feb 2, 2007 in Crime
Now in Jefferson Parish: Tasercams. Any time a sheriff's deputy turns off a stun gun's safety, a tiny camera will roll. The video will both help defend deputies against lawsuits accusing them of excessive force and reduce any chance of such abuse by deput
Well, I don't really blame them- I mean they've got cameras in their cruisers now and they still get sued for accesive force so if they are going to be zapping people I think there should be cameras to record their actions.
Even though I think the majority of police officers are great people there are enough of the kind that make you want to scream.
The mini-cameras, which attach to the bottom of the Tasers, begin recording as soon as a deputy switches off the safety switch, said Capt. Jeff Eddy, head of the sheriff's office firing range and armory.
The black and white camera can record up to 1 1/2 hours of footage with sound, and can record in daylight, low light and no light. That footage can be downloaded into a computer and burned onto a computer disc for viewing.
"With allegations of police brutality, we'll be able to show this to the jury," Lee said.
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