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Woman Attacked By Giant Eagles While Paragliding

By malan     Feb 2, 2007 in Lifestyle
Nearly loses life as 3 giant eagles attack her parachute, face and head in mid-flight.
Paragliding is among the top extreme sports going today. Paraglider's enjoy the feeling of freedom, the feeling of flight and watching the world they live in from a bird's eye view.
Recently this moment of peace and tranquility was interrupted for Britain's top female paraglider.
Nicky Moss, 38 barely escaped a recent attack by "screeching" wild eagles while in mid flight during a flying competition in Australia. The birds went after her parachute canopy, one got tangled in her lines and another was clawing at her head... all this while she was fling 8,200 ft. in the air.
"I heard screeching behind me and a eagle flew down and attacked me"
"I heard screeching behind me and a eagle flew down and attacked me, swooping down and bouncing into the side of my wing with its claws,"
Moss said. "Then another one appeared and together they launched a sustained attack on my glider, tearing at the wing."
One of the giant birds became wrapped in the canopy lines of her parachute and slid down toward her, tearing at her face with it's talons as she fell towards the ground. The bird swooped in and hit her in the back of the head, then got tangled in the glider, which collapsed it and Moss claims she was screaming back at the bird as it was screeching at her.
The attack ended as quickly as it began. The second bird freed itself and when the glider reached a height outside of the bird's territory they left her alone. She was most likely mistaken as a bird intruder by the eagles as she drifted into their territory and they were acting purely on instinct.
Veteran Australian paraglider pilot Godfrey Wenness said Moss was flying in an area where the birds were not accustomed to human pilots.
"Eagles are the sharks of the air. But if you're a regular they just treat you pretty indifferently," he said.
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