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China's Recent Space-Weapons Test Increases debris,danger to Astronauts

By bobSP     Feb 2, 2007 in World
Experts say that a ring of debris is forming in the orbit of earth because of the recent weapons test by the Chinese government. This ring could prove to dangerous to the astronauts at the space station.
The test was performed last month and was seen as a danger for various other reasons, but no scientists are saying this test has increased the amount of debris in orbit by 10%. A piece of debris only the size of a marble could prove dangerous to the astronauts at the spaces station.
Scientists have already seen as man as 525 pieces of debris on radar, each being the size of a baseball or larger.
This increase will cause future problems for launches of space shuttles and reentries. It is not said yet how the Chinese are reacting to this news, but judging from their record..I think it's a safe bet to say they don't much care.
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