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How Should Parents Discipline Their Children?

By Derryck     Feb 1, 2007 in Crime
Corporal Punishment & Raising Children Today
Corporal punishment have always been the British way to enforce discipline in their Public Schools, and even in the homes. The colonies that they controlled also advocated this kind of punishment, just like their foreign overlords.
I grew up hating it in school, and to some extent in my home!
Some parents could be excessive with this punishment. And oftentimes one never know what really, or to what extent should this method of punishment be considered practical, reasonable, or abusive?
However, in every culture where this kind of behavior is used in the home. It has become a cultural contradiction of mores, considering the current disapproval of child abuse, and how so many parents have become suspect, for abusing their children. And the concern grows even more now, that we have cameras in so many public arenas that see some of this abuse to children by adults.
Recently, some children were discovered by the authorities and the police in their investigations of child abuse. Burnt, scalded, sexually molested, neglected, starved, and drug infested homes where children are exposed and became victims of the worse sort of child abuses.
I do not have a solution, but I feel this social malady must be discussed publicly, via the media as often as possible. And where practical or necessary, legislation must be put in place to punish those who willfully, thoughtlessly, and wantonly abuse their children in a cruel fashion.
Derryck S. Griffith.
Educator-Advocate & Blogger.
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