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article imageBA must pay to a passenger after kicking him out of the plane because of his corporal smell

By didio     Feb 1, 2007 in World
So that poor guy was just trying to go from Hawai to Berlin... I know its a lot of hours sharing the same air inside the plane... but smelling bad is not a reason to invite somebody leaving a plane.
BA must pay now 260 Euros to the passenger as Düsseldorf´s court says.
Inmediatly before the plane started rolling to take off, the girl next to that guy warned a crew member about the situation. "The man next to me stinks" that coulb be the phrase she said..
Imagine how embarrasing is that for anybody, his luggage of course was checked in so he couldnt change his shirt.
and i wonder.... isnt there a bathroom in the plane???? with soap and stuff like this. and im almost sure that if somebody had to leave a plane... his luggage would do the same with the waste of time that involves....
Anyway the passenger asked 2.200 euros from BA as a consequence of the incident but after more than a year he finally is getting 260.
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