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article imageWhat Do You Believe ?

By Bob Norman     Feb 1, 2007 in Lifestyle
Do you believe in Ghosts? What about Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or Aliens? What about God? Where do your beliefs begin and end?
A discussion I had with a friend one night recently turned to thoughts of the supernatural. As we argued over Aliens and ghosts,he made a statement I had never considered. He said," If you don't believe in God you can't really believe in the supernatural. One can't exist without the other." While I don't agree with the statement I understand the sentiment that drives it. If you don't believe in a God and an afterlife does that rule out most supernatural phenomenon?
Growing up Catholic I was taught the opposite, your faith doesn't allow for demons and monsters. The priests said if your faith was strong you had no reason to fear ghosts and the like. I guess not being afraid of doesn't rule out the existence of but it goes down that path. Thinking about things like I'm questioning here was discouraged. They left us with many questions but not too many answers.
Today I accept all possibilities. While I don't follow any religion I think there must be a greater power. I believe that ghosts might exist but I've never seen one. I'd like to think there really is a Bigfoot and a Nessie but I don't honestly think so. I'm convinced there must be other life in the universe but I don't know if they're visiting us. I'm sure that there's far more in the world than we've even begun to comprehend. Maybe there's even a real Wolfman out there! LOL
So,where do you stand? Is there a place in your belief system for the things you can't see or understand? Are you religious and what role does that play in your beliefs? Can God and the supernatural exist side by side? Inquiring minds want to know.
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