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Quebec welfare recipents and seniors will be able to have free drugs

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 1, 2007 in Politics
The Quebec government has announced a new drug plan that will provide welfare recipients and seniors with free prescription drugs starting in July.
Health Minister Philippe Couillard announced that this new policy will help 280,000 Quebecers.
They also put a cap on generic drugs to make sure they stay affordable to people.
The prices of prescription drugs will now be at the same rate as the Consumer Price Index.
Rob Lurie said The way it used to work is that people over 55 and considered to be employable used to have to pay $16 a month for their prescription medication. It is now free for those people,"
There have been some complaints about this new policy because they believe it should have been extended for anyone living below the poverty line.
I agree with this because I think anyone below the poverty line and seniors cannot afford drugs and therefore go without the needed presciptions. I also think this should be applied to all of Canada and not just Quebec.
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