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Young couple in India killed on the orders of village council

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 1, 2007 in Crime
Villagers in northern India beat a young couple to death and burned their dismembered remains after a local council ordered the killing.
The young couple was ordered to be killed because local council said they were to closely related.
Mahesh, 20 and his girlfriend Gudia, 19 lived in neighboring villages and left their homes when their relationship was discovered.
They were tracked down and brought back to the girls village and ordered to end the relationship by the council, known as a panchayat, because they were believed to be to closely related. She was believed to be his cousin.
The couple refused to end it and so they were ordered to die.
The couple was beaten to death by a mob Tuesday and their bodies were dismembered and set on fire
Police are now investigating the deaths and 12 people believed to be involved.
Councils can arrange marriages in India and have great influence. Even if a couple is not related and they do not agree to the arranged marriage or find their own, they can be ordered killed if they go against what the council says.
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