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article imageFormer Foster Children sue for $45 million

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 1, 2007 in Crime
Three former foster children have filed a $45 million claim against the State of Washington.
The three girls claim they were sexually abused by their foster dad on a daily basis for many years. They claim the Department of Social and Health Services ignored complaints made to them over the years. Some being very graphic. The girls are suing the Department for $45 million because from the very beginning they did not do their job.
Estera Tamas, 20, said she was abused sometimes more than once a day and that the foster father gave her cocaine and alcohol when she was 12. That is also when the abuse started and that the father even documented it.
When police raided the house they found hundred of photos. He was into child pornography. Some of the photos were of him in womens lingerie. They also found videos of him sexually abusing Estera and the younger girl who was 13. But the police believe the abuse on the 13 year old started when she was just a toddler.
One complaint filed to the Departmen of Social and Health Services shows that the girl, at age three, told a teacher her dad was touching her in a bad way and that she told him to stop.
Enrique Fabregas fooled everyone for years including police officers and psychologists.
Documents show Fabregas was a gregarious charmer who claimed to be a Navy Seal, a Green Beret, a male model and college graduate. State records also show none of those things are true. Fabregas had a way of talking his way out of trouble.
He lied on his applications many times when he said he had no criminal records. When infact he was convicted of of dangerous drugs and stolen property, theft, assault and forgery.
Had they did their job, they could have checked on him and found this out.
Over the years there were 28 complaints put in against him and the children were still left there.
Allegations such as "doing cocaine in his bedroom," having a "rash in his privates" that matched a rash Monica had, and a report from Estera that "sexual abuse" had been going on for three or four years.
Ruth now 18 and Estera now20 were labelled liars and felt no one believed them until Jennifer Baldwin was called into the case. She is the investigating police officer who finally believed the girls and pushed the case and arrested him.
Enrique Fabregas was finally charged with child exploitation and possession of child pornography, but the prosecutor's office says other charges could be added. No trial date has been set yet but if convicted he could get 10 years in prison.
10 years in prison is an outrage for what he did to these girls. I hope they win their lawsuit as well. That Department was wrong..28 complaints against the man and they did nothing.
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