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My 1st month as DJ blogger

By didio     Feb 1, 2007 in Entertainment
My first month...
Well this have been my first month posting, comenting, voting... I found this web site by chance and quickly realyse that the contents and the diversity of the stuff posted are a big point for DJ.
I like a lot of things from DJ like the possibility of giving not only a new, and idea or sharing an interesting web page or video but giving also your opinion to other people posts.
the voting system is something that right now is being discussed in another post so i wont comment more here about it.
Another great thing DJ have is that they NEVER reject or delete your posts, so yoo feel completely free to write about whatever you want. that gave me more interest to post and comment.
Of course there are DJ staff that "sometimes" tap at my shoulder if i post too many videos or for any other reasson they consider. but that logicall we all have to feel confortable with what we all are building and i hope will be the best posting site of the world :).
thanks to all and... good luck this month!!
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