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Spam Made Up 94% Of All E-Mail In December

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 31, 2007 in Business
Spam e-mails account 94% of all e-mail sent in December 2006, only 6% are regular e-mails.
Legitimate e-mail now constitutes a rounding error when compared with spam, thanks to a standing army of more than a million zombie PCs waging war on in-boxes worldwide on any given day.
Some 94% of all e-mail last December was spam, according to Postini's annual communications intelligence report, which the managed e-mail security company released today.
The normal e-mails received has been reduced to single digits for the first time since e-mail were introduced. This is an amazing statistics. The E-mail security company released its annual communications report today and said in December 2006, the e-mail spam has increased its volume by 147% over the previous month. They claim that the Spammers are hijacking other computers without their knowledge and sending huge number of spam e-mails all across the world. Also, they are sending Image files to evade spam block which makes each mail a bigger in file size and occupies too much of the business servers usage.
The 147% increase in spam that Postini observed in 2006 resulted in a 334% increase in e-mail processing requirement for companies. "This is causing the e-mail infrastructure of many businesses to melt down," says Druker. "Nobody budgeted for four-and-a-half times more infrastructure capacity in one year."
Postini reports that they have better e-mail security software to handle the spam, but not many of the businesses are willing to turn over the e-mails to the Security company to process for spam messages.
This figure 94% Spam content, is ridiculous and still they are going strong with nobody to stop them. Since these Spam messages have some tracking codes to purchase some items, they can find who is sending these messages and arrest these people, why the Government is not doing it?
Do you have a good solution for companies to control these spam messages?
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