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article imageIn ten years, bananas could slip from the face of the earth!

By bullseye     Jan 31, 2007 in Technology
Two fungal diseases are invading banana plantations.
According to Emile Frison of the International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain, the banana industry could be wiped out in ten years time. Unfortunately, modern bananas are sterile, they do not have seeds and therefore can not bread. Without breading, a new fungal resistant strain is difficult to create. To date, the banana crop in the Amazon has been ravaged and the crop in some parts Africa will also soon be devastated. GM crops may offer some hope but rather than face consumer resistance growers hope new fungicides will protect their crops. “One ray of hope comes from Honduran scientists, who peeled and sieved 400 tones of bananas to find 15 seeds for breeding. They have come up with a fungus-resistant variety which could be grown organically. If bananas don't disappear from supermarket shelves by 2013, they will look, and taste, different.”
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