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The curse of the Oscar

By Aaron Robson     Jan 31, 2007 in Entertainment
It's awards season in Hollywood, with all red carpets leading to the Oscars. But winning that prestigious award can sometimes lead to nothing more than bad roles and even oblivion.
"It's known as the curse of the Oscar, which is very real. The actor's ultimate dream can turn out to be the ultimate nightmare," said movie pundit Tom O'Neil, awards columnist for the Web site The Envelope.
Winners such as F. Murray Abraham, Brenda Fricker, Linda Hunt, Marlee Matlin and Louise Fletcher are hardly household names despite earning the film world's most coveted award.
Bbetter-known Oscar winners, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Richard Dreyfuss, have complained that winning the award brought them personal and career troubles.
"Winners from Joan Fontaine up to Gwyneth Paltrow and Richard Dreyfuss have all said it was a curse," said O'Neil, noting the Oscar made Paltrow almost too expensive to hire at the age of 26, while Dreyfuss spiraled downward for a while with a high-profile drug habit and a string of flops after his Oscar win for his role in "The Goodbye Girl" in 1977.
Paltrow had won for her leading role in "Shakespeare in Love" and has also said that she was unable and not ready to cope with the pressure, leading her to make several unwise choices.
"It'll make you wonderfully happy for a night," Fletcher has said of winning the Oscar. "But don't expect that it'll do anything for your career."
I think that an Oscar is something that will make people recognize someone, but it gives them to much publicity, making directors always just throw any type of role for a movie in their faces, just so the movie has publicity. I think it iventually gives the actors and actresses a bad rep.
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